7 tips to protect your car against theft

330 cars are stolen every day, or 4 per minute, and no one is safe from this scourge. Here I give you advice and tips to prevent any risk of theft and to find your vehicle in the event of theft.

1. Trackers

magnet trackerobd tracker

Also called GPS trackers , these are the most effective systems for finding a stolen vehicle. Of course, it will not prevent the theft of your car but it will inform you of its position in real time . It will also notify you instantly in the event of a crime and theft by sending you an alarm to your mobile phone . You can then notify the police and inform them of the position of the car, who can quickly intervene.

2. Lock the doors

lock door

It seems stupid but an oversight quickly happens. Make sure your doors and windows are properly closed .

3. Do not leave anything visible in the passenger compartment

A criminal will be more easily tempted by seeing valuable objects in the car. Whether it's a bag, a GPS, keys or even clothes, some people won't hesitate to break a window.

4. Park in a secure parking lot

secure parking

A vehicle parked outside is more exposed to the risk of theft, while a vehicle parked in a closed and secure parking lot will be more difficult to steal. Particularly in car parks with a surveillance system or a guard.

5. Anti-theft alarm and steering wheel lock

anti-theft rod

These systems are very dissuasive. Thieves do not like to be noticed, hence the importance of an alarm system . Furthermore, a steering wheel lock is also effective because even if the thief manages to start the car, he will not be able to maneuver it. It will take time to unlock or even cut the flying block. Allow between €300 and €500 for the installation of an alarm, and €30 to €100 for a steering wheel lock system.

6. Window etching

Window engraving involves engraving a serial number on each window. This number is unique and specific to the vehicle. In the event of theft, it is entered into the police database. This is a very dissuasive element because criminals will have great difficulty reselling the vehicle. Window etching costs on average €80.

7. Take out insurance covering theft

The final piece of advice I can give you is to insure your car against theft. These days, I'd say it's essential insurance . If, despite all the previous advice cited, your vehicle is stolen and not found, you will be reimbursed by your insurance.

Where and when car thefts take place

54% of car thefts occur in cities, and 72% occur at night. Therefore, if you live in a large city, the risk of having your car stolen is greater.

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