You are a professional and want to track your vehicle fleet, our trackers are also suitable for you
Whether you have a transport company, car rental company or any other company with a fleet of vehicles, it is completely normal to want to keep an eye on your vehicles.
car fleet tracking
Whether to ensure that your employees do not use your vehicles outside of work or for general safety, Trackwaze will allow you to optimally manage your fleet.
tracking trackers
Thanks to our online management tool and our application, you will be able to track all of your vehicles on a single map from your mobile phone or computer:
- GPS points are recharged every 5 to 15 seconds, allowing real-time tracking
- you can add unlimited number of vehicles
- you can rename each tracker with the license plate, the name of the driver, the brand of the car etc...
- you will be able to view the speed in real time
- you can program alarms for speeding, leaving the area, accident and attempted theft
- you will be notified if your tracker is removed
- you will have access to the journey history of the last 6 months and view them - you will be able to retrieve all mileage reports as well as the duration of journeys and stops
- you will be able to calculate the average consumption of each vehicle and thus optimize the journey of your employees
- you can save all this information in excel format
Access to our tracking platforms is completely free for life.
address tracker report
mileage report tracker
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