What to do if your car or motorcycle is stolen

Having a car or motorcycle stolen can be a traumatic and destabilizing experience. However, it is important to remain calm and act quickly to maximize the chances of finding your vehicle. We will explain the steps to follow if your car or motorcycle is stolen, in order to guide you through the procedure.

1. Contact the relevant authorities

As soon as you notice that your vehicle has been stolen, it is essential to contact the relevant authorities immediately. Call the local emergency number or go to the nearest police station or gendarmerie to file a complaint and report the theft. Provide them with all relevant information, such as the model, make, color, and distinguishing features of your vehicle, as well as the location and time of the theft.

2. Inform your insurance company

insurance theft declaration

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the theft of your car or motorcycle. In France, you have two working days to do so. Your insurance company will be able to guide you through the steps to follow and inform you of the documents needed to file your claim.

3. Use social media

motorcycle theft networks

Social media and online platforms can be valuable tools in finding your stolen vehicle. Post a detailed description of your vehicle on your social media accounts , including photos if possible. Ask your friends and network to share the information widely.

4. Cooperate with the police

Work closely with law enforcement by providing any additional information they may request. Keep them informed of any developments or potential clues. The closer you work with the police, the greater your chances of recovering your vehicle.

5. Check surveillance cameras

If your vehicle was stolen from an area with surveillance cameras, notify the police so they can collect relevant records. Captured images can provide crucial clues about the theft or help identify the thieves.

6. Keep track of your documents

Be sure to keep a copy of all documents relating to the theft of your vehicle, including the police report, communications with your insurance company, proof of ownership, etc. These documents will be essential to facilitate the claims and replacement process.

7. Why have a tracker

car tracker

Having a tracker to prevent the theft of your car or motorcycle is a wise investment and an essential security measure. Here are some compelling reasons to install a trackwaze tracker to protect your car against theft:

  • - Precise location : Our trackers allow you to know exactly where your vehicle is at all times. In the event of theft, you can quickly transmit this information to the relevant authorities, increasing the chances of recovering your car in as little time as possible.
  • - Rapid Theft Response : Our trackers come with advanced features, such as instant alerts in the event of unauthorized movement. If someone tries to steal your car, you will be immediately notified with a notification on your phone and a call from the tracker. You can then respond quickly by contacting the police and providing precise location information.
  • - Real-time tracking : Thanks to our trackers , you can track your vehicle in real time , whether from your smartphone , your tablet or your computer . You can easily check where your vehicle is and make sure it is safe.
  • - Value for money : our trackers will offer you many features and precise real-time monitoring despite their low cost.

    Having a car or motorcycle stolen can be a stressful experience, but by following these key steps you will maximize your chances of recovering your vehicle. Installing a tracker will not prevent the theft of your vehicle but will increase the probability of finding it and limit possible damage. Remember to stay calm, contact the relevant authorities and your insurance company immediately, and use online resources to increase your chances of recovering your stolen car or motorcycle.

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