Why choose TrackWaze

You want to find your vehicle in the event of theft; you want to ensure that your child, any young driver, respects the driving rules; you want to be notified if a tow truck removes your vehicle; you want to review the history of your journeys etc... There are a lot of reasons which make the acquisition of a Trackwaze tracker essential these days.

1. Our Trackers

They are small and discreet . As a result, they will easily hide in your vehicle so that any criminal cannot get their hands on them.

Tracker track my car - autonomous battery

magnet tracker

It can hide anywhere including under the car thanks to its powerful magnet . This particularity makes it a unique and very interesting tracker because it will be impossible to find. In addition, it is waterproof (IP65 technology), so no worries in case of rain or snow.

It will also fit 2 wheels and will easily hide under the saddle.

Full description here

Tracker track my - mini

Just like the previous one, it is magnetic and waterproof. The differences lie in size and autonomy. This model will also be suitable for bicycles and scooters thanks to its small size.

The full description here

Tracker track my car - OBD socket

tarcker obd

It plugs directly into the vehicle's OBD port . Therefore, it does not need to be recharged . It is compatible with all cars and some two-wheelers (check the presence of an OBD socket)

All cars have been equipped with an OBD socket since 2004. It allows you to interrogate the vehicle's electronic system in order to make a complete diagnosis using software.

It is located under the steering wheel of your car, under the car radio or in the glove box, behind a plastic cover. You will find its location in the vehicle manual or by downloading the "Where is my OBD2 socket? Find it" application.

Full description here

OBD socket location

2. Our quality/price ratio

value for money

Our trackers cost no more than €50 for OBD and mini and no more than €80 for stand-alone batteries. Despite their low price, they are efficient and have excellent features:

  • - Real-time tracking around the world and underground thanks to its advanced positioning technology,
  • - Several alarms,
  • - Completely free and intuitive application,
  • - Integration of several trackers possible on the application to keep an eye on your fleet,
  • - Integrated microphone: if the tracker is stolen or removed, it also calls you to hear what is happening,
  • - Simple installation without wiring and without the help of a professional: save on labor,
  • - Without subscription,
  • - 1 year warranty.

3. Our app


Our application is completely free, intuitive and ergonomic . Connect and secure your vehicle to keep control over it. It will allow you to:

  • - Know the exact position of your vehicle
  • - Define your alarms: theft, infraction, movement, shock, disconnection, speed, alert zones
  • - Know if it is parked or moving
  • - Know your speed
  • - Review the history of your alarms and your trips for 6 months
  • - Add as many trackers as you want and keep an eye on your fleet
  • - See traffic status around you

tracker app
real-time monitoring

4. Simple installation

You do n't need any mechanical knowledge to install our trackers. This will save you money on installation costs.

The magnetic tracker works after inserting a SIM card and installing the application.

The OBD tracker works the same as the magnet tracker after plugging it into the vehicle's OBD socket.

The trackers also work without the app by sending SMS commands to the SIM card's phone number. You can also schedule alarms and will be notified by SMS if they go off.

5. Without subscription

Trackwaze offers you trackers without subscription and without commitment . After purchase it belongs to you and you can use it without time limits. You will not depend on any platform or paid services. All you need to do is insert a SIM card with SMS and internet credit (100MB, the application consumes very little data and uses a maximum of 50MB per month). A SIM card from the free operator at €2 per month will do the trick. Furthermore, the majority of internet operators offer a free SIM card , check with yours.

6. 2 year warranty


All our trackers are guaranteed for 2 years.

7. Long battery life

long battery life

The autonomous battery tracker can hold a charge for up to 1 month depending on use and up to 3 months in standby mode.

As for the OBD tracker, it does not need to be recharged as it is plugged directly into the vehicle's OBD socket. If unplugged, it continues to operate for 2 hours thanks to a built-in battery.

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