Trackers or AirTags: Precision and security guaranteed

In the field of vehicle security, choosing the right tracker is crucial to ensure protection and location in the event of theft. In this article, we'll take a look at the features of Trackwaze 's car and motorcycle trackers, highlighting their accuracy, ability to provide detailed information, and enhanced security compared to Apple AirTags.

1. Location accuracy

precision tracker

Trackwaze trackers offer unrivaled location accuracy. Unlike AirTags which are limited to basic geolocation, Trackwaze trackers provide the exact address where the vehicle is located. This precision is essential for rapid recovery in the event of theft.

2. Route History

history journey tracker airtag

A major advantage of Trackwaze trackers is their ability to reconstruct the vehicle's route over the last 6 months. This feature provides users with valuable information about past trips, which can be extremely useful in various scenarios, including tracing vehicle movements in the event of theft or suspicious activity.

3. Increased security

tracker with integrated microphone

Trackwaze integrates a microphone into its car and motorcycle trackers, providing an extra layer of security. In the event of theft, the microphone allows vehicle owners to monitor in real time and hear what is happening inside the vehicle, making it easier to recover the stolen vehicle and property.

4. Notifications in case of attempted theft

micro spy

Another notable feature of Trackwaze trackers is their ability to send instant notifications in the event of a theft attempt. This allows owners to intervene quickly and take the necessary steps to secure their vehicle, minimizing the risk of theft or damage.

5. Limitations of AirTags

Although Apple AirTags are widely available, they have significant limitations in terms of security and functionality. In particular, AirTags only provide basic location tracking and are easily detectable by iPhone users, reducing their effectiveness in the event of vehicle theft.

In conclusion, Trackwaze car and motorcycle trackers offer a complete and advanced solution for vehicle security. Their location accuracy, their ability to reconstruct past routes, their enhanced security with an integrated microphone and their notifications in the event of attempted theft make them the ideal choice for those looking for maximum protection for their vehicles. In comparison, Apple's AirTags have significant limitations that compromise their effectiveness in vehicle theft scenarios. For peace of mind and optimal security, choose Trackwaze trackers.

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