TrackWatch Senior 4g

89,90 EUR

The Senior Trackwatch 4g is not just a watch, it is a safety buoy that dispels fears linked to loneliness and vulnerability. Designed to provide comprehensive protection, this smartwatch redefines autonomy while alleviating the worries of loved ones.

1 Geolocation at the Pointe

Thanks to integrated GPS technology. She ensures your loved ones stay connected to your location in real time . The fear of distance fades, giving way to tranquility.

2 Triple Impact SOS Button 

elderly tracker

The SOS button is more than just a function. It is a lifebuoy which, in the event of danger, fall, etc., immediately contacts one of the three predefined numbers . Fear of isolation gives way to confidence in security.

3 Voice Call and HD Video, Voice Chat

elderly safety

Stay connected with HD quality voice and video calls. Intuitive in-app voice chat facilitates conversations, making communication easier than ever.

4 Advanced Health Measures

Monitor your health with comprehensive measurements: heart rate , pulse , oxygen saturation and temperature . Also integrated: the 24-hour temperature measurement function which provides continuous vigilance.

5 Security and Travel Tracking

  • Geo-Fence: The fear of loss is allayed by alerts if the person leaves a secure area.
  • Trip History: Complete tracking reassures you about past trips.

6 Built-in Microphone and Fall Detection

  • Remote Listening: A built-in microphone allows you to listen remotely to ensure safety.
  • Fall Detection: In the event of a fall, the watch automatically alerts loved ones.

7 Long battery life

elderly person alarm

The long-lasting battery provides up to 7 days of battery life, ensuring continuous monitoring without the hassle of frequent recharging.

8 Intuitive and free application

The experience with the senior 4g trackwatch is even smoother thanks to our dedicated application. Enjoy intuitive management of all features from your smartphone. Receive real-time alerts , view trip history , and personalize watch settings in just a few clicks. Our app ensures instant connection, eliminating the stress of managing advanced watch features. A user-friendly interface for instant peace of mind.

elderly care


The Senior Trackwatch 4g is much more than a watch, it is the answer to the fears that often accompany the daily life of elderly people and their loved ones. It is an investment in serenity, in the possibility of remaining connected and protected at all times.