TrackWatch Kids 4g

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The Trackwatch kids connected children's watch is much more than just a watch. It is designed to provide an enriching emotional experience for both children and their parents. This smartwatch brings together a variety of features to keep children safe, entertained and learning, while providing peace of mind for parents. 

child watch with camera

Security and Peace of Mind

The SOS button allows the child to quickly contact a parent or loved one in the event of an emergency . This will also text up to 3 different phone numbers and send a notification on the app. Parents will feel reassured knowing their child can seek help with just one click.

Parents will also be able to activate remote listening or take photos remotely from the application without the child being disturbed.

emergency call child watch


Real-Time Location Tracking

Thanks to the GPS tracker , parents can know the location of their child at any time. They will also be able to create a boundary safety zone which warns them if the child leaves this zone. This allows parents to feel reassured and closer to their child, even when they are far away.

child safety

Facilitated Communication

The watch's phone function allows children to make and receive calls safely . Parents can stay in touch with their child at all times, strengthening family bonds. The integrated dual camera and the 4G connection will also allow you to make high quality video calls . The voice chat function is also integrated into the watch.

Parents will be able to deactivate the various functions of the watch during school hours. Only geolocation will remain enabled.

waterproof children's watch

Educational Entertainment

Seven games including a math game are integrated. They encourage learning while having fun. Children develop their cognitive skills while having fun, which builds their self-confidence.

Morning wake up

The alarm clock function helps children develop good sleep habits and wake up independently, strengthening their independence and responsibility.

child gps beacon

Creativity and Memories

The built-in dual camera allows children to capture special moments and share them with their family. This promotes creativity and strengthens family bonds.

child watch camera

Sport while having fun

The pedometer and stopwatch will encourage the child's physical activity. This will boost their self-esteem and promote a positive connection to exercise, while creating a fun and motivating experience.

Technical characteristics

  • - GPS tracker for geolocation , route and safety zone
  • - SOS button for emergency situations, remote listening, remote photo taking
  • - High quality color touch screen

  • - Integrated dual camera for photo capture and video calling

  • - Telephone function for secure calls, integrated voice chat

  • - Waterproof (not compatible with swimming pools)
  • - Educational and mathematical games for intellectual development

  • - Pedometer and stopwatch to do sports while having fun
  • - Alarm clock function for independent time management

  • - Attractive and durable design

  • - Free , parent-friendly mobile app

Why Choose Trackwatch kids

The trackwatch kids connected children's watch goes beyond simple technology. It embodies safety , fun , learning and emotional connection .

These watches are a great alternative to smartphones to keep children securely connected.

By choosing this watch, you are giving your child a rich emotional experience and you, the parent, valuable peace of mind.

NB: Trackwatch kids is compatible with a nano-sized SIM card from any operator. Using geolocation requires only 30-40 MB for a month. For telephone and video calls, please purchase a subscription tailored to your needs.

Menus available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch.